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It may be important to you to continue learning, to develop or improve your knowledge, skills, and competencies in your profession or career.

It may prove difficult to do most of the above while simultaneously reading a book, or simultaneously watching a video, and one certainly cannot do any of the above while sitting in a classroom.

There is a multitude of different methods through which information can be shared with you. Yet, similarly, there is a multitude of different ways in which people receive and comprehend information. Reading is one way. But in this high-paced life, do many people truly have the time to read through books or publications to absorb information?

Whether the intent is to be informed, taught, inspired, or entertained, it is an undeniable fact that people seem to be hardwired to absorb what they hear. When people listen to podcasts, they tend to listen intently, because they create images in their minds of the scenes being described, connecting to discussions or conversations, and learning in the process.

Because podcasts require the attention of the listener’s ears only, you can easily listen to podcasts while working or playing. Therefore, listening to podcasts is yet another convenient medium through which you can increase your knowledge and understanding, or simply be entertained.

Podcasts are defined as episodic series of spoken word digital audio files, all focussed on a particular theme or topic, that users can download to personal devices for easy listening, at their own pace and time.

These files are made easily accessible through streaming applications and podcasting services that provide a convenient and integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices. With smartphones ranked as the top medium for podcast consumption.

There seems to be a podcast for almost any topic imaginable.

Tune in to Articulate-IT Radio’s the Man In The Van podcast, through which we share valuable information with the South African tradesperson contracting community by having interesting industry-related conversations.

Or contact Articulate-IT Radio today to find out more about our recording services, in our well-equipped studio, and also our scriptwriting and even hosting services. We can help you produce high-quality podcasts for your audience.

Waste no time! Call us at 012 654 7106, or visit our website at

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