Why the move to ‘online’?

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Back in the day all training was done in the same way.  Students/Learners/Pupils all went to a classroom and sat there for a specified amount of time listening to the lecturer.  This was how if was done.  This was the only way it was done.  No one dreamed of training in any other way.

Being in the training industry for several years we noticed that there were inherent problems.  Full time employees could not fit into these traditional training methods.  Often these Students/Learners/Pupils did not have the resources to travel to the venue, could not afford to stay over, could not afford to pay for an entire course in a lumpsum.  And these problems limited and excluded so many who desperately wanted to improve themselves. 

We started looking at options.  Different ways of looking at the same picture.  Was there something we were missing.  Could we improve on the current system? Was it necessary for a student to participate at a prescribed time?  Was it necessary to participate in a classroom at a prescribed venue?  How would the traditional method vs the online method differ with regards to the final outcome/result?    And we discovered one simple answer, students could acquire knowledge in any form available.  As long as there was a standardised assessment at the end of the road, it didn’t matter how students acquired knowledge.  This did not make them any less of a student compared to their ‘classroom counterpart’.  In fact, we found that these online students had more discipline to complete their course.  Hence the move to assist in the online learning sphere.

With Covid-19 we have seen a fast-forwarded version of the online learning/training process and can clearly see that the traditional form is becoming redundant. 

Articulate-IT is striving to enhance this new learning experience, by means of podcasts, film and photography and software design. We can help you achieve all your online learning platform goals.

Articulate-IT is the future.

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